Make tournaments great again.


E4EBot has everything you expect from Discord, and more, to provide the best experience for your users

E4EBot replicates Discord's UI to feel familiar to users

E4EBot was purely designed for tournaments and to facilitate streaming.

E4E uses Discord Authentication system, no need to register a new account.

Logged in users enjoy the same permissions as they have in Discord

Guest permissions are inherited from @everyone and can be customized on a per-channel basis

Emojis, markdown formatting, and embeds render as you would expect

Embed it inline, or use Crate to put a small button in the corner of your site

Easy integration with first-class support for sites made with HTML and React

Get free snippets for your stream overlay!

Side Accent #1

Numbers don't lie

Join us and thousands of teams to compete and win YOUR tournament!




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